Tyler Sommer

[email protected]

(760) 576-5846

Professional Software Engineer

Ten years of professional software engineering experience in demanding, fast-paced environments. Focus primarily in backend systems: infrastructure, integrations, and distributed and embedded systems. Strengths include problem solving, communication, technical writing, and systems operations. Passionate about open source software.


Minim / Full-stack Engineer / Manchester, NH / 2018 -

Expanded capabilities and improved stability of embedded router agent. Lead maintainer and developer of open source agent and related tooling.

Responsible for building and scaling products geared toward home network and IoT management and security. Improved existing reporting capabilities and behind-the-scenes data aggregation and management.

Rakuten Marketing / Software Engineer / Midvale, UT / 2016 - 2018

Responsible for maintenance, modernization, and new feature development for a distributed platform deployed in all parts of the world. Developed automated integrated testing framework to efficiently test the entire platform at scale.

Developed and improved Hadoop, Hive, and Spark processes and related tooling for processing large amounts of data. Designed and developed Spark Streaming applications and related tooling.

Pronexis / Senior Developer / Spanish Fork, UT / 2015 - 2016

Designed and built business and customer management software for service-based industries. Developed customer, truck routing, and sales team management systems.

Responsible for maintaining and improving existing Symfony code-base. Implemented unit testing, integration testing, and continuous integration processes.

Terramar Labs / Lead Developer / San Diego, CA / 2012 - 2015

Built software for small to medium businesses to help manage their internal processes and bottom line. Developed reporting and analytics tools, mobile kiosk applications, and web services.

Engineered and contributed to many open source applications leveraged by Terramar Labs to manage code packages, code review, and payment processing.

PayRoll Innovations / Lead Developer / South Jordan, UT / 2010 - 2012

Architected a payday advance loan processing system integrated with card issuing platforms. Implemented risk scoring algorithm to automatically qualify potential loan applicants based on various factors.

Responsible for the maintenance of a small server cluster including primary and fail-over web and database servers.

NovaCare / Developer / IT Manager / Murray, UT / 2008 - 2010

Integrated landing pages and various CRM platforms and payment processors. Maintained and improved legacy Visual Basic and Classic ASP fulfillment system. Implemented automation tools for managing high-volume printing and returns processing.

Managed company-wide IT infrastructure and a small team of IT support personnel.

Et cetera
Maintainer of multiple open source projects. Responsible for libraries and applications handling payment processing, API consumption, templating, software package management, and pseudo-interactive chat participants.