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Geek from Salt Lake City.

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Born and raised in the suburbs outside Salt Lake City, Utah, I got my first computer around 1998 when I was just ten years old. It was a beige Windows 95 machine and it opened doors to someplace magical.

A year or so later, I received my own copy of Microsoft Frontpage 2000 as a gift. I recall building many terrible, terrible websites dedicated to Pokémon and Dragonball Z. Meager beginnings to what would become a successful career in software engineering.

I landed my first professional coding gig in 2008, integrating landing pages with CRMs and CRMs with payment processors. Then, building a payment processor itself. A decade later and I'm building resilient, distributed systems that operate on a global scale.

Computing is a major passion of mine. I am constantly fascinated by all aspects of software engineering. I'm always in search of knowledge and application. These days, I spend most of my time learning how to be a dad. Otherwise, you'll find me coding, tinkering, and learning new things... or watching Star Trek.


Full-stack engineer.


Senior Full-Stack Engineer / Remote / 2018 - 2023

Expanded capabilities and improved stability across diverse projects ranging from embedded C codebases to cloud-based Ruby on Rails, Rust, and TypeScript applications. Developed and supported infrastructure-as-code deployed around the globe in AWS and Azure.

Developed, launched, and scaled cloud hosted router agent geared toward network monitoring and security. Worked closely with customer-facing teams to support customer deployments and develop institutional knowledge base for available platforms.

Launched open source version of embedded router agent and developed cloud-side tools and documentation to manage open source installations. Added desktop linux support for the agent and launched Raspberry Pi based installation support.

Rakuten Marketing

Software Engineer / Midvale, UT / 2016 - 2018

Responsible for maintenance, modernization, and new feature development for a distributed ad-serving platform deployed globally. Developed automated integrated testing framework to efficiently test the entire platform at scale.

Built new and improved existing Hadoop, Hive, and Spark processes and related tooling for processing large amounts of data. Designed and developed Spark Streaming applications and related tooling.


Senior Developer / Spanish Fork, UT / 2015 - 2016

Designed and built business and customer management software for service-based industries like pest control and lawn care. Developed customer, truck routing, invoicing, and sales team management systems.

Responsible for maintaining and improving existing Symfony code-base. Implemented unit testing, integration testing, and continuous integration processes.


Build it, maintain it.


Composer package management made simple.

Packages is a private Composer repository manager with GitHub and GitLab integration. Originally developed for Terramar Labs' internal work, we open sourced the project and maintain it to this day.

This project is a neat example of using webhooks to integrate with external services as well as a decently powerful continuous integration/deployment platform.


Golang port of the Twig templating engine.

Stick is a Go language port of the Twig templating engine. Stick supports all Twig syntax though full Twig-compatibility is incomplete. Stick itself is feature complete and used in many of my personal projects.

This project started out from a need for a more powerful templating language than what was provided at the time by the Go standard library.


GPS tracker and handset for model rockets.

transpond is an Arduino application consisting of two parts: the transponder and the handset. The transponder is placed in the payload section of a model rocket and transmits data continuously to the handset. Sensors include GPS, Accel/Gyro/Magneto, voltage, and temperature.


The penultimate IRC bot

squircy3 is a platform for building event based applications, such as chat bots. Functionality is based around plugins, which include support for Discord, IRC, and a built-in JavaScript runtime with full interop between JS and Go, thanks to the incredible github.com/dop251/goja project, a little babel.js, and a bunch of fairy dust.


An irssi-inspired terminal IRC client

squirssi is an IRC client implemented as squircy3 plugins. Started as a proof-of-concept, squirssi is now very usable as a real IRC client.. if a terminal-based client is your thing.


An IRC bot that is scriptable with javascript!

squIRCy2 is an IRC bot written in Go that embeds a javascript VM that allows userland scripting via the filesystem or a web interface. Now deprecated in favor of squircy3, this project still holds a special place in my heart and deserves a mention.


A suite of apps tailored for corp management in EVE online.

The MOTKI project as a whole is a suite of software designed around managing a corporation in the video game EVE Online. MOTKI is a web application that integrates with many different data sources using the EVE Single Sign-On API to gather detailed information.


A Symfony bundle providing CMS and blog functionality.

VeonikBlogBundle is a Symfony bundle that has all the necessary functionality for quickly building a blog or CMS. Features include WYSIWYG editing, dynamic menus, user accounts, file uploading, and syntax highlighting for code snippets.

VeonikBlogBundle is largely what powers my personal blog, Tyler Sommer dot com.

Tyler Sommer dot com

My personal website.

Tyler Sommer dot com is my most successful and longest running attempt at maintaining a blog. The application is built using Symfony and Doctrine, but still running on Symfony 2.8 and Bootstrap 2 it is starting to show signs of age.


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